Beaded Motorcycle Seats

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Beaded Motorcycle Seats

beaded motorcycle seats


  • motorbike: ride a motorcycle
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  • MotorCycle is the title of a 1993 album by rock band Daniel Amos, released on BAI Records. The album was dedicated to the memory of songwriter Mark Heard.


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beaded motorcycle seats – Wagan IN9912

Wagan IN9912 Bead and Rattan Cool Seat Cover
Wagan IN9912 Bead and Rattan Cool Seat Cover
Wagan Bead and Rattan Cool Seat Cover turns every drive into a relaxing massage. This high-quality wood beads, intricately woven at varying angles, massage your back while you drive or sit. The bead spacing and rattan perimeter ensure plenty of ventilation. It features double-strung beads that will not unravel if a thread breaks. An internal wire frame lets the cool seat conform to the seat and the mesh backing protects the upholstery. This seat cover includes elastic straps that can simply secure the seat.

crotch rocket

crotch rocket
Scanned from a 1974 Kodak print. All the aluminum parts on this bike were glass beaded for the "racer look". Arlen’s bolt together springer forks (only weld was the front rail spring perch). Cycle Shack "tiller" bars myself and Steve Reedy designed. Danny Gray three piece seat, and yes it was uncomfortable as hell but so cool looking! Weighing less than 400 pounds these Sportsters were the quickest street bikes around.


Finally done! I simply could not get the last 6 or so inches of the rear tire over the rim, so I broke down and took it to the local Yamazukihondasaki dealer, and they were nice enough to finish the job for me. Of course, I forgot to take the valve core with me, so I had to come home, then head back to the gas station to seat the bead and fill it up.